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「鳳凰寺 風」 Hououji Fuu
30 November 2010 @ 12:41 am

To all who find themselves suddenly transported to this place,

Greetings! You might be wondering, as you read this, why you are abruptly brought to this place against your will. Fear not, please, for you are not in another galaxy. You are just in an inter-dimensional nexus we call the 'City' wherein cruel curses and delightful spells happen every other day.

If you have any more questions, kindly ask them after this message.

Yours kindly,
Hououji Fuu

[End Text;]


[The voice feed activates after a while.]

Should I also call out familiar names? [A soft giggle.] Perhaps it's better to see than to hear them, though. [And she'll be going out! Feel free to spot her outside.]

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「鳳凰寺 風」 Hououji Fuu
23 October 2010 @ 02:49 am
Whenever I hit her... she takes on the same damage?

[She runs away from her own self, or what seems to be herself, thinking of something to retaliate with, but she can't think of anything. This is her own self, how will she even fight it? She runs some more as various arrows rain from her opponent. She keeps on dodging... but she can only do so for long.]

[Blood. How can there be so much blood? And on her hands too! She stares down at them with wide eyes. And as she does so, a voice that belongs to an angry woman, one who she killed just in front of her, speaks up.]

You're a murderer! First, you killed Zagato and now, look at your hands!

[Tears start to fall from her eyes.] No.

Yes. You killed me.

[I... killed Princess Emeraude.]

[She falls down, back hitting the lockers hard. Her glasses fly far from where she is. The sound of someone stepping on it signaled its untimely demise.]

That's what's fitting for a murderer like you! I can't believe this prestigious school houses a murderer!

Yeah, I mean what will happen to the school's reputation?

She must be kicked out!

She must be jailed!

[And then an ominous voice, one that belongs to a teacher in the school, steps up.] No, she must also be killed.

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「鳳凰寺 風」 Hououji Fuu
20 October 2010 @ 03:47 pm

I am terribly sorry to the ones I have managed to hurt with my words during the time I was affected by a curse. Presea-san, thank you for bringing me back to the apartment.

To Huey-san and Emil-san, I apologize for using inappropriate images and terminologies when conversing with both of you.

I hope everyone else is doing alright.

[End Text;]

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「鳳凰寺 風」 Hououji Fuu
18 October 2010 @ 12:31 am

[Is that someone familiar strutting down the City streets wearing nothing but a dark green backless tube and short, not to mention skimpy, shorts? Oh yes, it is! But you don't normally see her like this. Not even without her glasses on. Someone must be wearing contacts today.

Someone must be heavily cursed.]

What is a young woman to do to get some fun started around here? [She beams at the camera. Nothing wrong with that smile except for that barely noticeable smirk.]

[End Video;]

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「鳳凰寺 風」 Hououji Fuu
30 September 2010 @ 08:31 pm
[Accidental Video;]

[Everyone seems to be boarding the ship already. And they're in pairs! She has to find one too.]

Hmm... so pairs usually has to have something in common, huh?

[Fuu's mostly thinking out loud here before she looks around. Search. Search. She blinks upon spotting a boy with green clothes. Will that work? She guesses there's only one way to find out. See your right hand, Luc? It's getting pulled by a random blond girl wearing a green dress.]

[He'd only come to watch the chaos - or at least, that's what he'd told himself. Really, all the confusion's starting to get to him, and he's starting to wonder if maybe he should get on board too...

And now somebody's pulling his hand.]

--What are you doing?

[And with a bright, disarming smile, she turns to him.] Pulling your hand, of course.

Why? [All you get is a confused frown, Fuu. Though with how cheerful you look it's sorta wavering.]

[She's still keeping the cheerful look.] For us to board the ark. You are not planning to get drowned, are you?

[Still frowning!] ...What does an ark have to do with drowning?

Because in the story, everything got submerged in water. If you don't board the ark, you'll get drowned. [Simple logic, Luc~]

So it's a story? [Sort of. Lightly tugging his hand away from yours. :|;] Is that what's going to happen then?

[She still has a firm grip. You're not going anywhere, young man.] Probably. I suppose the deities really do love their books!

....Well even if we do have to get on this thing, I don't see why you have to hold onto me. I don't even know you. [Tug tug tuuuug-!]

[Still tugging! The ark is already near. Patience, dear Luc. She turns to you again, this time with a warmer smile.] Oh, I'm sorry for not introducing myself earlier! My name's Hououji Fuu! May I know yours?

I--[Aah why are you smiling at me like that it makes arguing so much more difficult;;] ......I'm Luc.

It's a pleasure to meet you then, Luc-san! [And you get more smiles. Clearly, she has a whole arsenal of them.] Come on, we must hurry!

Fine, I'm coming! I still don't think we have to hurry. [He may have given up on freeing his hand, but he shall try his best to not be completely compliant..!]

[And she once again gives you one of her signature Fuu smiles.] We can't let ourselves drown, you know.

[End Video;]
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